September 2017: Featured Retreat

John and Monica, owners of The Southern Chic Retreat in McKinney, Texas, are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary of owning The Southern Chic Retreat in McKinney, Texas.  Learn more about the inspiration behind The Southern Chic Retreat.

The Southern Chic Retreat - McKinney, Texas

The Southern Chic Retreat - McKinney, Texas

What was the inspiration for starting The Southern Chic Retreat?
Monica comes from a large, extended family of women....mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, and cousins.  They gather together at least once a year to reconnect, as they live throughout the US.  Her mother fell ill, and eventually succumbed, to cancer and those retreats were some of her favorites times.  This inspired Monica to build a place where women could come together with friends and family to relax, reconnect and create lasting memories.

What do you like about the retreat business?
We are so grateful for having a place that allows women to get together for nothing but pure creative fun!  Monica loves getting the chance to put little special touches around the house and knowing that it makes someone's stay that much better.  She explains it’s her creative outlet to always look for ways to improve the retreat experience for her guests.

What do you enjoy about your guests, what have they said about their stay at SCR?
We love to get to meet the ladies that have come to stay at the retreat.  They are always so great about sharing their art, latest crafting tools and a laugh.  We've had so many types of guests from scrap bookers, quilters, photographers, and ladies who just want to spend the weekend hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

Any other interesting info about your retreat?
We're not just for crafting.  The venue is very flexible and can accommodate many types of gatherings.  Really, it’s uses are only limited by our guest’s imaginations!  We're so close to Historic Downtown McKinney, which really is a must-see tourist destination.

Monica and John have a perfect balance at work and while she is the creative, he is the business.  Chances are if you make a reservation, you may speak with John, who now knows far more about scrapbooking than he ever dreamed he would.  John is also a member of the National Guard and has been called to service for the Hurricane HarveyRelief Efforts.

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